Coming Soon: Precarious Migrant Panel Event

How are online spaces being used to build solidarity for precarious migrants, undocumented individuals, asylum seekers and refugees?

Issue 4: Residency Callout

By Container Magazine
10 Jun 2021

This is an avatar of Furaha to protect their identity. Furaha's avatar is presenting a black women wearing a patterned colourful top with pink sleeves, with black glasses and long curly black hair

Taking place in the virtual, invite-only space of Mozilla Hubs, a panel of four precarious migrants will discuss their experiences of the UK’s ‘hostile environment’ towards immigrants with the full anonymity of avatars. As the voices of anti-immigration activists grow louder on social media, and online spaces are used for community organising during the pandemic, the panel will discuss the significance of safe and unrestricted online spaces when your physical existence is constrained by the Home Office.

Precarious migrants include undocumented individuals, asylum seekers, refugees, and others for whom the UK government’s immigration policies have made their residency status and future life in the UK hang in the balance. Without the stability and security of their residency status, precarious migrants face significant challenges when it comes to accessing public life and expressing their authentic identities and voices.

The panel will remain anonymous throughout the event. A video recording will be shared publicly in June.