Coming Soon: Stream if you Wanna Die Faster

This issue's podcast guests explore the ‘hidden’ environmental impacts of data streaming.

Black and white image of Teresa Dillon with short hair and hoop earrings

By teresa-dillon
12 Mar 2021

In this issue’s podcast, experts from academia, industry and climate activism discuss the true cost of streaming: asking who is responsible – is it ‘big tech’ or the individual at fault? – and considering the options for a positive data future that doesn’t cost the planet.

Guests include:

Mél Hogan
Mél is the Director of the Environmental Media Lab (EML) and an Associate Professor in Communication, Media and Film at the University of Calgary.

Since 2012, Mél’s research has been on server farms and data centers – their social implications and environmental impacts: the ‘Data Center Industrial Complex’. She has also been researching genomics in the cloud and moving to explore data storage onto DNA and is interested in #digitaldeath and Big Tech fantasies of reviving and/or preserving consciousness in the cloud.

Sharlene Gandhi
Sharlene is a London-based freelance writer, focusing on climate change, health and responsible business practice.She has been published by gal-dem, Dazed, the Stanford Social Innovation Review, and the Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy, and is a champion at the Pentland Centre for Sustainability in Business at Lancaster University in the UK.

Corinne Stuart
Corinne is a generalist engineer and maker with experience in both automotive and product design, based in Bristol. She is passionate about working on new technologies and products. As a Data Fellow as part of South West Creative Technology Network, Corinne has been exploring the environmental impact of data usage as a whole and who should take ownership for the effects.

Jenny Brennan
Jenny is a Researcher at the Ada Lovelace Institute, focussing on algorithm accountability. She leads work on methods for inspecting and assessing algorithmic systems and their impact on people and society. Jenny is the lead instructor with Code First: Girls, founded the Coders Who Teach community, and curates London Tech Meetups.

The Secret Life of Streaming is hosted by Teresa Dillon who is an artist, researcher and Professor of City Futures at the School of Art and Design, UWE, Bristol. Teresa’s work symbolically and critically examines the techno-civic systems, which affect and shape everyday urban life.

The Secret Life of Streaming will be available to listen to in April.