Reworking Technology

Container Resident Brian Gibson deconstructs non-functioning objects to reveal the concealed architecture of tech through a process of assemblage, print and photography.

illustrated image of Brian, a white middle aged man wearing glasses

By Brian Gibson
21 Jun 2022

Just what is it that makes today’s technologies so different, so appealing? 

As an artist, I increasingly ask myself the following questions. How can I engage with developing technologies — beyond the norms of entrepreneurial tech design and coding frameworks — in ways that are meaningful to me?

Do we as individuals have the power and resources to step outside of our roles as passive users, a role which the artist Kin describes as a position of “speaking and not being heard”, to find agency and, ultimately, a voice that is heard?  

My own creative response to such questions has been to work with and rework the physical material of digital technologies which can be found in today’s domestic environment — laptops, mobile phones, game stations and so forth. In deconstructing non-functioning objects I have explored the concealed architecture of tech through a process of assemblage, print and photography, developing new narratives which switch back and forth between the analogue and digital. 

Lunchtime Talk

Find out more about Brian’s work at his upcoming Pervasive Media (PM) Studio Lunchtime Talk at 1pm on Friday 15 July.

The PM Studio Lunchtime Talks are a series of informal presentations that take place every Friday at Watershed’s PM Studio. Container Magazine will be hosting one of these Lunchtime Talks every few months — this is our first one!

You can join the talk online on YouTube Live, or in the Watershed building.

Directions: The Lunchtime talks take place in the Pervasive Media Studio Event Space. To access the Studio, please go to the Main Watershed Box Office entrance and go upstairs to the Café Bar. Walk across the cafe bar, turn right and walk towards the double doors. Go through into the corridor and walk all the way down until you reach the Studio. A member of staff will sign you in.