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Short Read

Tuning in to Nature

Dawn Attride shares insights and audio from scientists across the world listening in to nature to understand its health status.

Illustrated article

Window to a Betterverse

A 'preferred futures' narrative and vision for future online experiences. From the project 'MetaversEngine', a collaboration between Awarri and UWE Bristol - funded by MyWorld.

Long Read

Open and Closed Software: A Climate Concern

Janna Frenzel and lee wilkins write about the impact and implications of open licensing for software in the wake of the climate crisis, the use of software in resource extraction, and how developers are actively responding to the ethical concerns raised by this issue.

Long Read


Morgan talks with Uma Breakdown about their exhibition 'Earth A.D. 2' at FACT Liverpool, discussing horror gaming, coffins as reparative care and the power of bio-mechanics and chaos.

Long Read

Are Multi-Sensory Maps Possible?

Madhuri Karak talks with indigenous elders and local researchers in Indonesia about community mapping projects using GPS, drones and sensory experiences to defend against encroaching palm oil acquisitions and government maps.

Short Read

Élan Vitale: A Story Of Death

Resident artist Uma Breakdown's Élan Vitale is a short interactive fiction with a gothic sci-fi angle on death, experimental technology, and life at the edge of it all.

Long Read

Blackness, Glitch Feminism and Evasion

Tope Olufemi draws on personal experiences, Legacy Russell's 'Glitch Feminism' and a conversation with writer Lola Olufemi in locating Blackness, queerness and resistance at key points of online and AFK complication.

Long Read

Virtuality As Becoming

Zach Deocadiz, VR and XR designer, writes a personal reflection on finding self-identity and queer community through customisable web-based social media, and the technical similarities and experience design needs in VR social platforms today.