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Blackness, Glitch Feminism and Evasion

Tope Olufemi draws on personal experiences, Legacy Russell's 'Glitch Feminism' and a conversation with writer Lola Olufemi in locating Blackness, queerness and resistance at key points of online and AFK complication.

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Virtuality As Becoming

Zach Deocadiz, VR and XR designer, writes a personal reflection on finding self-identity and queer community through customisable web-based social media, and the technical similarities and experience design needs in VR social platforms today.

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The Sound of Intimacy

Exploring the simple technology of voice recordings, and their power to connect loved ones across the globe.

By Jenna Kunze | March 8, 2022

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Caption This

Individual content creators are championing accessibility on TikTok by adding captions. But should social media platforms be doing more to make their content universal?

By Michele Theil | March 8, 2022