Queer ec(h)o – Act I

An experimental collage of conversations with strangers, conducted in VR spaces

A black and white image of a man with short hair and a beard, holding a pair of glasses

By António Baía Reis
23 Nov 2021

Container’s Resident Artist for Issue 4, António Baía Reis, presents:

Queer ec(h)o

Act I – Seeds and Thoughts

This is but a chaotic collage of emotions, poetic materialities, impressions from the metaverse, and creative kitsch.

The first step of this residency is done.

This collage will then leave its cocoon and flourish as a performance in virtual reality, echoing poetry and awareness about climate change through queer justice.

No melodramas, just crude externalisation of affective density.

Moving beyond empathy > arriving at compassion > realizing justice without creeds, just a pure sense of urgency…

Tick tock, tick tock…

Baía Reis (18/11/2021)

Queer ec(h)o Acts II and III – António Baía Reis’ one man show about how LGBT+ people will be impacted by climate change, and a reflective essay on the project, can be found below.