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Issue 5 – March 2022

Residency |

Harriet’s project,, is an interactive HTML poem that uses gardening as a metaphor, celebration and exploration of a decentralised, anti-capitalist and queer internet.

Podcast | Past, Present, Future

From pre-internet to the present day, Container speaks to artists who have been experimenting with technology in interesting ways from the beginning.

Long Read | What Happened to Performance Post-Pandemic?

Jennifer Lucy Allan speaks to people working in theatre, music and festivals to find out how things stand in the live sector. What did we learn from the rapid switch to online during the pandemic, and how is tech still being used?

Podcast | Archiving Queer Erasure

Cassandra Roxburgh interviews Keval Harie, the Director of GALA Queer Archive in Johannesburg.

Event | First Friday 

First Friday is a monthly social event open to anyone. These events are somewhere between the last meeting of the week and the first event of your weekend. You might meet an artist or an engineer, a school teacher or a city leader. It is a place to connect with someone you might not otherwise meet, and hear about stuff you didn’t already know. All are welcome – from inside and outside Bristol, online or in the Watershed building.

Illustrated Article | Caption This

Individual content creators are championing accessibility on TikTok by adding captions. But should social media platforms be doing more to make their content universal?

Personal Essay | The Sound of Intimacy

Exploring the simple technology of voice recordings, and their power to connect loved ones across the globe.

Short read | Container Residency: Chetana Pai’s dance system

Chetana Pai’s project will be an experiment with technology that plays with the nature of dance as an art form.

Coming soon | Queer Healing Ghana

Kobena Ampofo speaks to queer artists and activists about online spaces of solidarity in light of proposed anti-LGBTQ legislation.

Issue 4 – November 2021

Video | Container Residency: Queer Ec(h)o – Act I, Act II & Act III

Audio | Homecooking, by Robots, with Love

Long Read | The Promise of Salvation from ‘Smart’ Borders

Illustrated Article | How Low-Cost, Low-Tech, High Data Smart Cities are Paving the way for the Future

Feature | Anonymous Accounts are Leading the Me Too Movement in Pakistan

Issue 3 – June 2021

Poetry | Connecting with Black Ancestors through Deepfake Technology

Video | Container Residency: Who Plays Unspeakable Games?

Live Event | We Cannot Walk Alone: Precarious Migrant Panel Event

Long Read | K-Pop Culture and the Power of 6.7 Billion Tweets

Issue 2 – March 2021

Podcast | Stream if you Wanna Die Faster

Long Read | The Making of a Virtual Influencer

Personal Essay | Should Virtual Reality be Used to Help Us Grieve?

Long Read | Exploring the Rise of Clubhouse and Audio-Only Apps

Manifesto | Container Residency: Reclaiming Our Times (RiOT)

Issue 1 – November 2020

Live Event | Conversations about Digital Activism

Advice | How to Fight for and Improve Internet Data Privacy

Podcast | Bringing Queer Perspectives to Virtual Reality

Long Read | The Future of Performance Post-Pandemic

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