A image of Ashanti smiling into the camera with her eyes closed. Ashanti is a black woman with short black hair and round silver glasses. She is wearing a white and blue paisley shirt.

Ashanti Anderson

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Ashanti Anderson (she/her) is a Black Queer Disabled poet, screenwriter, and playwright. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing and leads writing workshops for teens and adults. Additionally, Ashanti frequently collaborates with universities, non-profits, and healthcare institutions to create activities that promote diversity, inclusion, and minority health, including youth literacy programs, grassroots publications; educational TTRPGs, and research. Focusing on resistance and autonomy, Ashanti challenges dehumanizing narratives while still holding oppressive institutions accountable.

Ashanti’s debut short poetry collection, Black Under, is the winner of the Spring 2020 Black River Chapbook Competition and can be ordered online via Black Lawrence Press. Learn more about Ashanti at ashanticreates.com.